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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Two Yay for Me Moments! 

In my dad's many work collaborations with Texans, he has picked up a phrase: "It ain't braggin' if ya done it." I got two little moments of recognition that I wanted to share.

The first: My Project Spectrum blue photocollage was featured on DC Blogs daily DC Blogs Noted for being a "clever take" on the city. Cool!

The second: My suggestion for Mama E's July Project Spectrum Yarn is one of the finalists! As of this posting, my suggestion, "Violet Femmes," is in second place by only one vote! If I win, I get a free skein of the yarn! If you read this posting before 9PM and haven't voted yet, be sure to vote for VIOLET FEMMES!!

In knitting, I finished my socks for dad and I'm thisclose to finishing the first side of Blue Windex. I'll show them to you soon.

ETA: I didn't quite win the whole shebang but I'm getting a wonderful consolation prize of Mama E's handdyed sock yarn! Yay!