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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Howdy, Strangers 

Hi Friends!

As you may or may not have noticed, I took a little hiatus from blogging. Mostly, this was because I was just feeling, well, bleh mentally and a bit physically. Sometimes, it's hard to work up that motivation to talk about yourself, even if it's your knitting, when you don't feel like yourself, or anyone that great for that matter.

This is all strange because I did have a lot to talk about: the DC Stitch n Bitch yarn swap (all you need to know is that I came home with more yarn, some of it possum blend!), my two year blogiversary that's come and gone, my boiling over frustration with bloglines that resulted in me switching over to Newsgator (so far, VERY good) and some more awesome books that I got at the library (if anything could make me want to dust off my sewing machine, it's this).

Although I've felt bored and uninspired in much of the rest of my life, I've been knitting through it and the process, the knitting goddess, whatever you want to call it, has given back to me.

inspiring projects

Here you see Bebe modeling the boobholder I made and restarted to correct, 3 skeins of Noro Kureyon in colorway 100, and 1 skein of baby blue Karabella lace mohair. Originally, with the boobholder (made in my most beloved and recommend Tess Designer Yarns Superwash Merino), I was going to add some stitch pattern to the part below the bust that complemented the garter stitch edging and gave some interest. I was totally sold on any stitch pattern, however, and I'm not thrilled with how the puffy sleeves look. So, this baby's going to the frog pond and will be reincarnated in another, more inspired form, later on.

The Noro will then become a Boobholder, because every gal's got to have one. I got that mohair at the above-mentioned yarn swap, and knew that making some lacey shawl or scarf wouldn't really be my style. Fortunately, right afterwards, I received the latest issue of Bust magazine in the mail, and it's focus this time is on fashion. A photo of the stage costume of one band have planted a design idea in my head that I hope works out!

I'm really excited for these projects and want to start them all but I know they will only turn out well with focus. So, they will wait until the fall. Keeping my mind active with the possibility of creating my own designs has really improved my mood, so I'll be thrilled to share them with the community of readers out there.

In the meantime, I'm continuing to progress with Project Spectrum. Of course, throughout the month, my eyes have been looking for those little touches of purple around me. My landlady planted these beautiful bright violet flowers on the walkway leading down to our apartment.

violet flowers

Most of the tiny buds are now gone.

My knitting has fallen along PS shades as well.


On the left is the Newsboy cap from SnB Nation made in Blue Sky Alpacas Cotton. I've completed all of the knitting and just need to weave in ends and find a piece of plastic to stiffen the brim. This hat is for my sister-in-law, who chooses to cover all of her hair as a married woman, so I added a bit of extra length in the body to accommodate. I'll be sure to get a completed shot, as this hat is way cute! I have enough yarn left to make another, yay!

The sock is from the kool aid-dyed yarn I showed last time, in the pattern of the Falling Leaves socks from Knitty. I changed them to try out an afterthought heel per these directions. I'm actually not wild about how these look, less and less so the more I think about it, so I'm going to rip them out and restart with a ribbed pattern.

While lacking enthusiasm for the socks, I decided to start another project to get me out of the slump. I was hesitant to look ahead to August, but the guru gave me permission...

Carla start

I started on Carla from the Rowan It's a Tape Thing book. Fun, fun, fun. It'll be worked on during PS Neutrals months - that's the important part, right?

Lastly, I need to give a shout out to some awesome knit bloggers who have sent me some special items.


On the left is Mama E's C*Eye*Ber Fiber Sock yarn that I won as a consolation prize in her yarn naming contest. It is everything a sock yarn should be: soft, squishy, superwash and beautifully dyed! Thank you so much, Mama! The colors remind me of my favorite colors as a little girl and My Little Ponies, so I hope to find a whimsical sock pattern to use it with.

Next to it is a pack of the cutest tissues with monkeys on them. The fabulous Heather sent to me and I'm pleased that she thought of me when she saw them. I hope I get a cold soon so that I can use them (or not).

Next time, a wonderful finished project and some adventures with local bloggers....