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Monday, July 31, 2006

Streak Free Shine 

blue windex1

I finished my blue Windex top (aka Orangina), and I think it looks stupendous. The color, sheen and stitch definition of the yarn, SWTC Bamboo, make the lace pattern stand out fabulously. I definitely had moments where I felt that I was slogging through the pattern, as making progress with my size 5 needles (2 sizes up from the recommended size!) was slow. My interest in the project definitely followed a curve pattern: I was very excited when I first started it, lost interest as I got to the middle, then got all excited again when I got to the ribbing. My persistence paid off, especially when I showed the finished product to Cobra and he declared to be one of my best knits to date. I couldn't help but agree.

Overall, I have to say that the yarn made this an enjoyable project. It makes for a comfortable, lightweight summer garment and has a unique, almost waxy hand that will smooth your wooden needles. I would definitely recommend using it, although at a smaller gauge than the suggested one.

I made one small change to my Blue Windex. When I sewed the shoulder seams, I found that the neckline had a weird, rippling effect that particularly looked strange in the back. Instead of sewing straight from the shoulder edge in, I left an inch and a half free on each side, then made the seam. This makes for a cute fluttery sleeve and a better-looking neckline.

Sometimes I'm so excited to finish a project that I gotta dance!

blue windex 2

Note: My friend Catherine made it clear to me that she wants to be kept abreast of all of my appearance-related changes, so I would like to note that my hair has been cut somewhat recently in these photos and I got new glasses.

In other news, I've had the enormous pleasure of spending time with some great local bloggers lately, some who I've hung out with extensively and some who are new friends.

suz and lol

Those of you who I met at Sheep and Wool may remember that Suzanne, on the left, is my neighbor (I couldn't shut up about this fact!). Here she is with the ever lovely Lolly, both with beautiful socks in hand. The three of us got together last weekend at new hotspot Busboys and Poets for a multiple course brunch. Although the three of us had never gotten together before, we ended up hanging out and talking for over five hours! It was a great way to spend a relaxing Saturday afternoon and our conversation covered everything from religion and spirituality to travel plans.

If you're a regular reader of Isel's blog (even if you aren't, you should go check out her beautiful Jaywalkers!), you may have seen that I recently won a contest on her blog for a free issue of the Summer 04 IK. I convinced her that it would be cost effective for her to save on postage by meeting up with me for dinner and giving me the mag in person.


(See, Isel? You have nothing to worry about. You look beautiful, even in this crappy cameraphone pix). We talked a lot about some of our frustrations of living in this area, future plans, relationships, knitting patterns, all of those big things. She also tempted me with the thought of her cupcakes...mmm....cupcakes.

This past Saturday, I was also lucky to get together with Michael for a tasty lunch and chat. In addition to discussing the ins and outs of knitwear design, I learned that he's someone who's is really searching to improve himself and be more connected to the world. It was a good reminder that I need to nurture those parts of myself. These encounters all demonstrated how engaging, interesting and creative knitting folk are. I'm so lucky to live in any area where I can be friends with so many talented people who provide enriching friendships.

Speaking of enriching, I've decided to participate in this month's Whiplash challenge (sponsored by whipup).


The theme this month is Wardrobe Surgery. I'm looking to bring out my long-neglected sewing machine and see what I can pull off with some thrift store finds. Hopefully, this experience will help improve my sewing skills, and not end up completely deflating my ego because I can't execute my ideas. We'll see....