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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Fiber Art? 

I took most of the week off of work to hang with my fam - my bro and sis-in-law are in country, so we've been having copious amounts of family time in Pittsburgh. Yesturday, we went to the Carnegie Museum of Art and spent many hours not only looking through the interesting exhibit on the evolving relationships between humans and animals, but also wondering the permanent collections. It had been many years since I'd really been in that part of the museum, maybe since high school, and I enjoyed getting reacquainted with many of the masterpieces in the collection. This painting immediately caught my eye; it was titled "Coat" (sorry, I didn't note the artist) and the brushstrokes impersonated the look of a woven winter outgarment. There was even a line of buttons down the center of the canvas! Funny how to folks at the museum, a knitting piece would probably be considered "craft" but a painting of knitting would probably be seen as fine art!
Tomorrow, we're heading off to Michigan for the weekend. We're going to spend most of the weekend relaxing at a Bed and Breakfast in Marshall, MI, then on Sunday we'll unveil my grandmother's tombstone (more information on why the tombstone is unveiled after a period of time can be found here). Since we'll be very close to Battle Creek, home of Kellogg's and Post, I can even go to Cereal City USA and get my picture put onto a cereal box! Mostly, though, I'm hoping to enjoy some time with family, do some reading and knitting, and maybe take a dip in the pool.

Knitting-wise, I've had to do a few rip outs of the raglan shaping for the front of Carla, but she is now progressing steadily. I also ripped and restarted my alpaca socks in a fancy ribbing and they are looking very nice. The next step with them with be to estimate when to end the cuff and have enough yarn left to work an afterthough heel. I hope I don't guess incorrectly...
More when I'm back in DC!