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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Full of Surprises 

I think, and I certainly welcome your comments on this, that one of the keys to keeping any long term relationship fun is to maintain a sense of spontaneity. Often, this is how the most fun and best adventures result.

For Cobra's 30th birthday this past week, I decided to keep him on his toes and commemorate the significance of this event by throwing him a surprise party. This was actually a stressful endeavor, as I had to invite guests and keep them quiet, plan a menu and keep my live in boyfriend from overhearing incriminating conversations. I got up early (for me) on Saturday morning and spent the whole day cleaning, shopping and preparing. Seeing his reaction, and the fun he had made it all worth it.

This is Cobra with his badass brother, and special guests (in hand). With lots of grilled veggie dogs, mojitos and motorcycle talk, I put together a pretty rockin' party, if I do say so myself.

Another one of those relationships keys: gratitude. I bet that many women are like me and do lots of small or invisible gestures for our partners as a way to show our love and caring. Simple recognition of these acts is is so satisfying and perhaps one of the most gratifying parts of being with someone. Cobra saw how much work, planning and cleaning had gone into making the party happy, and he showered me with thanks, even into the next day. It made me feel like I got the best birthday gift in the world.

birthday treats

Speaking of gifts, here are some special ones Cobra received. On the left is a Muertos diorama I purchased for him at a Peruvian gallery in Pittsburgh. He is really interested in the Dia de los Muertos customs of Central America and the satirical skeleton imagery of that holiday, so I'm slowly helping him build up a collection of artifacts. On the right is a birthday card from his dad, who at one point was the only Arabic calligrapher in the US (and may still be). This was just a little something he quickly sketched out. Amazing.

As for the other gifts from me, I got him the National Geographic Back Roads Explorer 3D Software and some yarn for a future knitted gift:

luscious threadbear yarn

That acid green Cascade Fixation, purchased during my trip to Threadbear, is slated to be socks for the boy. That other luscious yarn is the gift I got from my dad during the same visit: a sweater's worth of Knit One Crochet Too Paint Box yarn in the Rose Quartz colorway. I hope my knitting can rise to the challenge of creating something fitting for this gorgeous, self-striping yarn.

The stress of preparing for the party left me with far less knitting time than I expected over the weekend, so the finishing I was hoping to happen, well, didn't.

carla pieces

I have since finished the knitting on all of Carla's pieces since I've taken this photo, so expect a finished sweater this week. I've also progressed on the sock that I restarted after taking out the falling leaves pattern.

alpaca sock

I am working these in what Barbara Abbey calls a Pique Rib in her Complete Book of Knitting. The pattern is worked thusly in the round on a multiple of 10 stitches:
Rows 1-3: P3, k1, p3, k3
Row 4: P all sts.

I had hoped to finish the first one over the weekend but instead, it looks like it's going to happen tonight. I'm going to hop to it.