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Monday, September 04, 2006

Baby, You Can Drive my Carla 


Despite the pinched expression on my face in this picture, I'm pleased to present a finished Carla!

Carla from the Rowan It's a Tape Thing booklet
Rowan Cotton Tape, Chocolate Brown
Size 11 and 13 Needles

I didn't knit this as quickly as some people, but I was pleased to find this was a fairly quick and satisfying project. Of course, the large needle size and open work pattern helped to make this project grow at a good pace. The pattern was fairly easy, with simple raglan shaping. I did make a few mistakes in the lace pattern, one of which was major enough that I needed to rip back most of the raglan section and restart it, but nothing too traumatic. I shortened the sleeves to a 3/4 length because I didn't have the full amount of yarn required. This worked perfectly; I only have about 20 yards left!

The most challenging aspect of this pattern was the finishing. The seams show through the lace, so need to be fairly neat. I also had trouble figuring out how to do the weaving effect on the sleeves. Being more of a visual learner, the written instructions made no sense to me. After carefully studying this photo, I was able to figure out how to execute this fairly simple modified weaving technique.

I thought this sweater would be appropriate for summer wear, but the cotton does give it a certain amount of weight that would make it more appropriate for fall or spring. The yarn itself is relatively delicate and snaggable, for fortunately the structure of the lace patterning, though delicate-looking, actually gives it some strength.

Carla was my Project Spectrum August project and she will be a great neutral addition to my wardrobe (although I'll have to figure out how to incorporate this brown in with all of my black clothes). For the clean-up month of September, I only have my purple alpaca socks to finish. That is, unless temptation pulls me away....