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Monday, October 23, 2006

Are We There Yet? 

there yet

I went to a work-related meeting all day Thursday (where Mayor Williams was present for a part of it. He's not only funny looking, but can also be quite funny). This gave me an ample opportunity to make some progress on this sock for Cobra by finishing the leg and turning the heel. Unfortunately, progress on this project is a relative term, as the boy's feet are so darn big. I've made a good start on the foot but still have so far to go. You see how far the tape measure is stretched out there? Well, I have to do another two inches beyond that. That's right, these socks are going to need to go to eleven. Am I there yet?

I got to do some car knitting on the sock yesterday as Cobra and I decided to go out to The Kuntry in Virginia. This was a welcome diversion since Cobra has been really sick for a week and a half, keeping both of us pretty close to home. We had just had our first really chilly night here in DC and figured that, in the higher elevations of the Shenandoah Mountains, the trees would be turning to their glorious autumn shades. Were we ever right!

country scenefall colorbright treesshenandoah

As much as I love seeing this amazing spectacle of nature, I have a difficult time liking fall because I only associate it with the coming winter. Indeed, darkness is fully set in at 7PM these days and the winds are blowing colder air in each day. The thought of the coming cold makes me sigh extra hard each day.

At least, my knitting will be prepared. I washed some sweaters this past weekend and located all of my handmade socks. I also have a few sweater's worth of yarn in the stash, and these new additions to my wardrobe will certainly help me look forward to the colder seasons.

I also have a little something in mind to cuddle up with when the chilly winds blow...

lizard ridge

Remember when I was feeling somewhat unsure about my minisweater made from Kureyon? Before we went on vacation, I decided to rip it out and make a start on a Lizard Ridge afghan. It made great plane knitting, as you only need to occasionally pay attention to the complicated rows. I have enough yarn left for probably 1.5 more blocks. I'm planning for this to be an intermittent project, one for which I'll pick up a few skeins of Kureyon here and there when the yarn bug bites. The growth on this project will largely be dictated by my budget.

Off to continue work on my stockings in the hopes they'll be finished by the end of Socktoberfest. Only a week left!