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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

I Was in Stitches at Stitches! 

My first trip to a Stitches Convention generally a success. Yes, I was sad that I missed the boat on registering for classes and I found the fluorescent-lit basement setting of the festival to be somewhat depressing. I questioned the wisdom of holding this convention about 10 miles from the location of one of the most well-known fiber festivals in the country and didn't feel as strong of an urge to spend, spend, spend. I had a lovely time, however, with many great knitters and bloggers, and got some special yarns to add to my collection.

I met up bright and early with my neighbor Suzanne, and we got a ride with Cobra up to Maryland to meet the lovely Lolly. She brought us over to Panera to meet up with some of the Columbia knitting group regulars. I enjoyed their company along with my bagel, tea and shared pecan roll. You can't go to a yarn fest without the proper fuel!

Suz, Lolly and I arrived at the Convention Center ready to roll!

stitches ladies

Inside, the space was large, cavernous and filled with an overwhelming number of booths. Luckily, we'd all done some research beforehand to find out some locations we definitely wanted to hit. My first stop: Blue Moon Fiber Arts. There, I was pleased to find a selection of STR and other yarns that didn't seem entirely picked over.

From there, we wandered the hall, looking for specific vendors and also going where tempting fibers lead us. Along the way, I spotted and chatted with other bloggers including Sarah (in her gorgeous new cabled sweater), Paula, Mama E, Saun and Stacey. I also made a point to go see my fellow DC Stitch n Bitcher Michael during his book signing. I picked up his book immediately when I saw it on sale in a local bookstore here and it's really a wonderful addition to any knitter's library. I'm lucky that I got him to sign my copy.

knitting with balls

One of the stranger aspects about Stitches is that there were some knitting "celebrities" there that I spotted and got all giddy about. I spoke with the president of Cascade yarns for a few minutes and also spotted Kaffe Fassett and Norah Gaughan. I acted like a stalker fan girl and didn't approach them.

At the end of the afternoon, with aching feet and hips and with minds in full yarn overload, Stacey, Lauren and I rounded out the evening with a delicious meal at One World Cafe in Baltimore. Having some quieter conversations was a nice antidote to the earlier overload.

Alright, enough of the description, what did I get already?

Stitches yarn haul

The yarn on the bottom was purchased because it was special and rare. Yes, I was able to score some Socks that Rock (finally)! The left is the mediumweight and the right is the cotton blend Sock Candy.

The upper yarns were purchased because they were unbeatable deals. On the left is a beautiful heathery, soft sport-ish weight wool that was only $7 for 475 yards!! On the right is a beautiful DK Merino/alpaca/silk blend. You can get all the yarn deets by clicking on the photo.

I was able to have some hang time with Lolly at her house, and before I left she was kind enough to gift me with a few items.

from lol

That's last year's Holiday VK (which I didn't have) a skein of Mama E's beautiful handpainted yarn. It may be a little hard to distinguish the colors, but it's a beautiful combo of black, teal and lavender. In looking at this hank further, I realized that they are my mom's colors (to the point where I told her on the phone that I had some yarn in colors that I thought were hers and she said "Are they black and teal?"), so I'll make her a scarf with this. The other yarns are still figuring out their fates.

I think after this haul, I need to put the brakes on for yarn buying this year. Don't you think it looks like I have enough?