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Friday, November 17, 2006


I have a pretty silly reason for not posting in a bit. I, as I think we all do, want to show my projects in the best possible light. As it is now dark when I get home from work in the evenings, I haven't been taking pictures - and no one likes posts about knitting without pictures! I've been trying to get up a bit earlier in the mornings to take photos, but me and early are like oil and water. Cobra's no use either, he's usually still sleeping when I leave for work since his work schedule is more non-traditional.

I should have some news to report this weekend. Tonight, I'll be attending an event for Michael's book Knitting with Balls with Suzanne and some of the illustrious DC SnBers. If you're in the area, you should come on by.

I have some finished objects and knitting pathos to show as well.

As a final public service announcement, I'll be getting up early tomorrow (which is a big deal, see the earlier paragraph about me and early) to participate in the Help the Homeless Walkathon. I attended last year; it was a nice event, and a way to provide much needed funds to some great service agencies in the DC area. The big news this year is that Jewel will be there. Woo. You can register online or on-site starting at 7AM tomorrow if you're inclined to join us.