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Monday, December 18, 2006

Half of Hanukkah 

Tonight is Hanukkah: Night Four and my holiday has been somewhat bumpy. Definitely good, but not entirely smooth.
Over the summer, my bike got stolen (which is a whole sad story about urban youth gone awry). Cobra's brother was very kind and recently found me a great new bike at a thrift store. Cobra, being a certified bike mechanic, laid down some change getting new parts and tires for this bike and got it all ready and ride-able for me. I assumed that this was going to be my Hanukkah present and mentioned this to him last week. He then told me that he was so excited to give me my gift, which is something I really needed, and he wanted to do so for Hanukkah. I, of course, want to maintain his excitement for my holiday, so I agreed to exchange gifts while feeling that deep inner sense of panic when one has only one night to get a gift for one's beloved.

It turned out fine as I was able to score a total deal on this for him along with the car kit. He spoiled me, as usual.

hanukkah menorah and present

Here is my new watch, draped over my tiny menorah. I love its art deco-style face and, of course, the pink band. This certainly was needed, as I was using a paper clip to hold my old watch face to the band.

Yesterday, Cobra and I decided to try to replicate this excursion and ride our bikes down the Mount Vernon trail to Old Town Alexandria. I was really enjoying my first spin on my new bike, which is lighter, more comfortable and has more precise gearing than my old bike. We stopped at Gravelly Point to watch the planes landing at National Airport.

watching the planes

We rode a bit further when, suddenly, my foot slipped off the pedal and I was headed towards the ground. I'm used to falling off my bike and anticipated having to get up, dust myself off and catch up with Cobra. What I didn't anticipate was the CRACK to the back of my head on the sidewalk.

I have to say that I find it fascinating that even as an adult, my first reaction in that millisecond after I realize "Ouch, this really goddamn hurts" is to stay where I am and start bawling. You know, just like a kid when s/he scrapes her knee. I still don't want to move until I get that wail out and have a comforting presence nearby. Of course, then I get up and move and get really embarrassed that all these people saw me crying like a baby.

So, I hit my head really hard and it really fucking hurt. Many people stopped to offer assistance and one person called an ambulance. I got checked out, I didn't have a concussion and I didn't need to go to the hospital. I sat for a while with an ice pack and it helped. I continued to be in pain, I still have stiffness and pain in my neck, shoulders, back and back of the head, but ibuprofen is helping. Lessons learned 1) no matter how much you love your new boots and how comfortable they are for walking, they are NOT good for biking and 2) I need to get a new helmet to replace the one that was stolen. Yes, this whole thing could have been easily avoided but I decided that I didn't need a helmet to ride on a pedestrian-only trail. Right.

Of course, there can be only one consolation for a knitter after such an ordeal.

real noro

After metroing down to Old Town, we stopped in Knit Happens. I got a skein of Kureyon, color 90, for my Lizard Ridge, and Jane Ellison's Naturally Noro. I plan to use the Paintbox yarn I got a while back for one of the sweaters in this book (I'm leaning towards Mavis sans turtleneck, Cobra's voting for Lizzy).

My other great consolation is that today, I was the 1,000th commenter over at Laura's blog and I won a surprise prize! I'm so excited, not only because she sends great packages, but because I've enjoyed reading her hilarious entries and meeting her in person twice. Thanks, Laura!

In current knitting, progress continues on my stocking; I'm done with about half of the decreases on the leg. I've decided to go down another needle size for the foot, so they will at least be the same length. As my travel project, I started a hat for Cobra.

cobra's hat

This is the Fisherman's Rib hat from Knitting with Balls. I'm making it in more of the Cherry Tree Hill Possum Yarn, which ironically I picked up from Michael at the last SnB yarn swap. Fisherman's Rib is a new technique to me, and it's so fun! I'm taking my time and enjoying this project because, with temperatures in the high 70's like we had today, he doesn't need it anytime soon. It scares, and yet I still like it.

Enjoy the second half of Hanukkah!

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