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Monday, December 11, 2006

Knock Out Socks 

Nothing like a good sugar high to get one in the mood for some internetin'. When I went to the store today to get some okra for dinner, I thought I'd pick up a box of graham crackers so we could have something sweet but not too unhealthy around the house. Unfortunately, after dinner I remember I have half a bag of chocolate chips laying around, and Cobra magically brings out half a bag of marshmallows from his hiking bag. Next thing you know, I'm toasting the mallows over the burner as fast as I can, and we both end up in a sugary coma on the couch watching "How I Met your Mother." Good thing I went to the dentist on Saturday because my teeth hurt now.

Thanks for your supportive comments on my stockings in the last post. I am persevering with them, but very slowly. I did an initial wet-block of the first one, and will probably take it to the steam when they're both finished so I can attempt to even them out in the end. For now, I have decided to match the leg decreases based on position in the stitch motif, and will go by measurements on the foot. I'm trying to bring the joy back to this project, but I still get a little down-hearted when I see the discrepancy between the two. There's been a lot of dreaming about casting on of items around here lately, but I've resisted thus far.

With the stocking as my at home project, I have managed to finish up a few other items.

Acid socks

Embrace the detailed view of the leg pattern

Acid Socks for Cobra
Cascade Fixation Yarn in an Acid Green color
Size 3 needles
Stitch pattern on leg taken from this pattern(pdf), otherwise a pretty standard top down, heel flap sock

These babies have actually been done since before Thanksgiving, but a certain someone is hard to catch in daylight hours. So hard, in fact, that I actually took these pictures while he was still half-asleep in bed this morning. That's why the angle looks like the wicked witch of the east.

In any case, these were an enjoyable and fairly quick project, considering they were made for size 13 feet. The yarn definitely takes some getting used to and adjustments for consistency. Indeed, I had to restart the socks three times before I got the sizing right. The yarn initially didn't feel as nice as I expected it would- it's less processed, so it has more of that raw cotton feel but it certainly softens with washing. Of yes, and the plying and elasticity make it not ideally suited for many stitch patterns, particularly cables and twists. I had to go through a few options until I found one that fit the yarn.

Cobra is proud of these socks and even shows them off to his customers. The color is exactly what he wanted and he likes how the stretchiness allows him to pull the cuff above his boots. He says, however, that they don't wick moisture away as well as wool. I have no cotton knit socks, so that's a good piece of information to know.

I finished up some others as well.

finished moccasin socks

moccasin socks side

Moccasin Socks from Elizabeth Zimmermann's Knitter's Almanac (November Project)
Woolarina Handspun Blue Faced Leicester for the tops and Cherry Tree Hill Possum Worsted (70% Merino, 30% possum) for bottoms
Size 4 needles

I just adore these! They are a perfect vehicle for a wonderfully made and shaded yarn, showing it off to a wonderful effect (thanks to Adrian for the inspiration!). Paula's yarn is soft and a pleasure to work with, addicting to watch the color and texture unfurl. When I initially bought the yarn, I thought it was two colored shades plyed together in a barberpole fashion. As I started to work with it, however, I saw that it's actually 1 green/turquoise ply with a cream-colored ply, which makes the color and texture emerge.

Of course, the genius of the design, which creates a separate bottom that can be ripped and reknitted if it gets worn out, means that I don't have to feel bad about walking on a beautiful handspun. Quite the opposite: the possum yarn is incredibly comfortably and has a wonderfully soft halo. They are warm without being cloying.

I see a color pattern in these socks - perhaps I will leaning towards a new palette in the new year.