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Sunday, December 03, 2006

Stranded Camera 

You may recall that I finished my first Arch Shaped Stocking about a month and a half ago. What I may not have mentioned before, because it so thoroughly disheartened me, is that I started the second stocking. I was much more comfortable with the stranding technique, which is good but had a bad result. My gauge loosened significantly, and caused some discrepancy between the two socks.

Stockings Don't Match

As you can see, I got about five repeats of the pattern in on the first stocking, and only four on the second. I was mired in indecision as to what to do about this problem for a while, so the stockings have just sat in the project basket. This was a pretty crushing blow for me as I loved the project from the moment I set my eyes on the picture of it, and I was so excited for my progress with the technique.

In the meantime, the few other projects I started that should have been easy gave me troubles. My Odessa hat had to be started twice and my Moccasin socks were cast-on and ripped three times. Yes, these relatively easy projects were kicking my ass. The only reason was because, well, the stockings took away my knitting mojo.

Wanting to get this project sorted out, I thought nothing could put the wind back in my sails like a knitalong.

I'd made the decision, with the help of the suggestions of some SnB compatriots, to restart the sock on a smaller needle to adjust for my tension. So, I ripped out the old sock and, to celebrate the kickoff on Friday, I sat down with a size 2 needle, two sizes down from the other, and recommenced.

Tonight, I made enough progress to evaluate my gauge.

Stocking Start

Despite my effort, the stocking is again not quite to the right measurement; it's off by about one row per inch, a discrepancy that is visible.

Tonight, I decided to take the blocking route. I washed the first sock tonight and I'm going to do my best over the next few days to stretch and form it to a similar row gauge.

I'm also trying to be realistic and I'm trying to contemplate what I could do with just one beautiful stranded stocking. I don't celebrate Christmas, so it won't be hung by the chimney with care. Any ideas?

If the socks don't work out, I have another project I could potentially work on.

Lopi Sweater

This sweater has a story. One of my coworkers, a therapist, learned to knit twenty or so years ago. She started on this wonderful Lopi sweater and, as you can see, finished the body and started a sleeved. I suspect that she may have stopped at this point because I don't think she had DPNs for the sleeve. In any case, she dug it out of her closet recently and decided that she wants it finished and put to good use. So, she gave it to me! I don't have a timetable for this, not do I know exactly who the recipient will be (although it may be some Mongolians or Afghans). I'm glad I'll get to do the most fun part on the sweater, the yoke, and that I'm re-teaching this coworker how to knit as a thank you.

Send along good vibes for my stockings, I'll need them!