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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

What I've Begun 

I've really been trying for weeks to be able to put together a post about what I've finished, but the proper coordination of daylight, model and photographer has not yet happened. Annoying.
I can, however, show what I've started. I was very excited at the turn of the new year to start some new projects and they're indeed proving to be promising.

start brigitte

This is the Brigitte top from French Girl Designs; soft, feminine and lacey in a doubled strand of Karabella Lace Mohair. I'm a bit farther along now than I was when I took this picture and will be starting the waist shaping soon. This top will certainly be just a wisp of a thing, totally impractical. I hope I'll have some special occasion where I can sport it, however, and feel eminently touchable in the feathery fineness of this yarn. Let's hope I have enough of it!

jigsaw sock

Although not entirely clear in this picture, this is actually a sock (which I've now finished). When I stayed at my aunt's house for Thanksgiving, she specifically asked for a pair of hand knit socks as her Hanukkah present. I get few requests for hand knits from my family, so I was more than happy to oblige her, especially since she has been my lifelong spoiler. Her trip to Africa for two months has given me the opportunity to turn out a pair and have them waiting for her in time for her return. My progress has been slow, but I still have 3 or 4 more weeks until she comes back.

The stitch pattern I'm using necessitates a good blocking, but you can get a better look at it here. I originally saw this pattern in my copy of Barbara Abbey's Complete Book of Knitting. I fell in love with it immediately and thought it would make a great pair of socks. Unfortunately, when I tried to swatch with the pattern as written in the book, the stitch counts all seemed to be off and I couldn't make heads or tails of how to proceed. I was very disappointed until I stumbled onto this entry over at Ysolda's. With her clear chart, my sock dreams were resurrected. If I write the pattern up on the blog, would you be interested in having it?

I'm using the Tess' Super Sock and Baby that I got at MDS&W, and it is just as wonderful as I've heard it is. The colors aren't totally accurate in this picture, they are so much brighter in real life. The yarn is nice and stretchy but certainly feels like it will be resilient. The only downside is that the color is bleeding onto my hands, a problem I've had with their yarns before. Once these get a good rinse, however, I think it will be worth it.

liz ridge

I've been slowly working on this Lizard Ridge block as well. I just started it on Sunday because, after being inside for most of the day, I craved that beautiful burst of Noro color. This colorway (#90) is delivering with its mix of purples, greens, mauves and blues.

I may have gotten farther on these projects if not for some of the extracurriculars I did over this past long weekend. The most notable was the film screening Cobra and I went to on Sunday night; we went to see the new David Lynch movie Inland Empire at the AFI Silver Theater. I was particularly excited to see that particular showing because David Lynch was there in person to introduce the movie! Sorry, it was late and I forgot my camera. He did so by reciting a poem type thing while he and another fellow played a tune on some keyboards. Frankly, he could have gone up there and done a gymnastics routine, and it would have been an appropriate introduction for this film. I tend to like David Lynch because he puts random, dream (or nightmare)-like sequences in his movies to make them creepy, brutal, dark and burned into the memory. This film, however, had about 40 minutes of narrative, then was mostly composed of thematic yet random sequences. For another two hours and twenty minutes. It was a bit hard to take, but I tried to just let it wash over and roll with the Alice In Wonderland in Hollywood world it was presenting. Not a movie for everyone, but it was an experience to see it and Cobra and I have been talking about it all week. There's certainly fertile ground for debate of what it's actually about. The most notable aspect of this film, however, is that it captures the qualities of a dream more accurately than I've ever seen in any medium. You can hear a radio story about the movie here.

This weekend, I'll be visiting New York for the first time since March, 2001! Well, I had dinner in the city before I flew to Israel in June, 2004 but that doesn't quite count. I'm sure it will be a pretty different experience to be there now, but I'm really excited to return there. Whether I'll stop at any yarn stores is still up for debate; it may depend on where I go with my friends. I'll be sure to give you the full report next week.

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