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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Wherein I Learned First Hand that New York is the City that Never Sleeps 

I've had to spend this whole week recovering from my trip to NYC. Well, not really but I will say that while I did many things on this trip, sleep was not really one.

My trip started last Friday, when I traveled to New Haven, CT to meet my friend Mono. After I arrived, we did a walking tour through the main part of town and passed by the scarily medieval-looking, fenced off Yale campus. For dinner, we had the best pizza I've ever had in my life; the flavors of our veggie toppings were so full and distinct. This pizza alone was worth the trip. The cannoli afterwards wasn't half bad, either. That evening, we headed over to a local art gallery to see an exhibit called "Don't Know Much about History." Definitely a good introduction to a city that I found to be bigger and more economically mixed than I originally expected.

We got up and were out the door by 7AM the next morning. Why would we subject ourselves to such torture on a Saturday? Well, my visit was very well-timed because I was in town the exact morning that a local landmark was going to be destroyed. Here's my footage:

Even though I'd never been to New Haven before, it was great to gather with (and freeze with) the locals. Some dudes even brought some beer to 7AM. If you ever get the chance to see a building implode, I'd highly recommend it as it's an amazing sight.

What I didn't anticipate (but should have if I really thought it through) was that a haze of debris and soot would sail over to our area just a few short seconds after the building fell.

debris 2

debris 3

The joke for the weekend was that whenever one of us coughed, we said something along the lines of "Sorry about that, I just have a little Coliseum stuck in my throat." Yum.

After the momentous implosion, we felt ready to move on to the big city - Brooklyn, here we come to meet up with Mono's sister, S! I was excited to be visiting Brooklyn for the first time, mostly because I suspected I could get kickass bagels there. And indeed, we did fill out bellies with warm carbiness topped with tofu spread soon after we arrived in town. Again, worth the trip (DC really doesn't have any good fresh bagel places).

After refueling, we headed into Manhattan to check out the Guggenheim, the first visit to the museum for all three of us.

Guggenheim Mosaic

I follow in my parents' footsteps by being a Frank Lloyd Wright fan, so of course I have to say that being inside this building is wonderful. Unfortuntely, they were renovating the outside, so we couldn't really see the beehive shape against the other New York buildings. Being inside, however, and finding all the various nooks was fun. The spiraling ramp really gives you the ability to explore many different perspectives. I loved being able to look at a painting, then step towards the barrier (but not too close - I have a little heights thing) and look back into the core of the building and all of the layers of people around me. We saw a wonderful exhibit of Spanish paintings from El Greco to Dali.

Because of my Knit from my Stash resolution, I didn't want to give in to the temptation of going to a yarn store. But, I did think it would be fun to feed one of my other craft stashes: buttons! So we headed down to the fashion district and began our search. I should note here that I totally dorked out when we walked past the Atlas building, where the Project Runway Contestants live. Our first stop was a wonderful bead store called Toho Shoji (apparantly their only location outside of Asia). I picked up this:

leaf pendant

This is a real leaf dipped/covered in a metallic silver material. I love how you can see all the veins on the life, and how it's multi-dimensional. I think it will make a great necklace, but the hole is really small and I haven't been able to get a chain through.

Heading up 6th Avenue, our next stop was M&J Trimming. They were closing shortly after we arrive, so we only got to look in the button section. That was enough, though and we all left with little packages filled with buttons to use in our crafts.


We were getting pretty hungry at that point, so we headed over to my favorite vegetarian restaurant in the city, Zen Palate. The food, and we ate enough of it to know, surpassed all of my memories. Sesame medallions, I love you.

For our evening entertainment, we decided to head back to Brooklyn and check out the Trash bar. They were having Rock Star Karaoke that night, which is karaoke with a live band. It sounded pretty rockin', so we decided to check it out.

friends at karaoke


I ended getting a bit more involved than I originally anticipated. After about two hours of folks singing songs individually in normal karaoke fashion, the whole thing dissolved into a huge group singalong. So we all kept singing, and dancing, and generally rocking out (and for my friends, drinking). Next thing we knew, it was last call at the bar, which is 4AM in NY. Woops. By the time we got home and started chatting like little girls at a slumber party, it was dawn before we got to sleep. Again, totally worth the trip.

Sunday was definitely much more uneventful. We got a late start and grabbed a super cheap brunch at a local luncheonette. We checked out some of the shops on Bedford Ave in Brooklyn, and I found this awesome pin at the Mini Minimarket:


We stopped back at the Bagelsmith for me to grab a hafl dozen to go, then we headed back to the city towards Port Authority so that I could catch a bus home.

My visit was short but packed with so much fun. I'm aching to get back at some point, but I have no idea when that will be. I'm sure the city holds many more suprises and delights for me.

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