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Monday, February 26, 2007

First of 2007 

Originally, I had planned this to be a two-part post showing my last FO of 2006 and the first of 2007. That didn't quite happen...
Remember a while back when I started this hat for Cobra?

cobra's hat

It's the Fisherman's Rib hat from Knitting with Balls and I was making it with Cherry Tree Hill Possum Worsted. I finished the hat and presented it to the boy. Well, even though he had requested the hat, he went on to not wear it that often and wouldn't let me take a picture of him with it on. Mostly, this is because the yarn shed little possum hairs and he would itch and pull out little bits of fur for hours afterwards. I think he took it with him to Seattle (where he arrived on Saturday night!) and, if he continues not to wear it, I'll give it to charity.

The new year began and I finished my first project. It took quite a few weeks to get some good shots, and I'm excited to finally share them.

stockings finished!

My Arch-Shaped Stockings are finished!

Arch-Shaped Stockings from Vogue Knitting Fall 2006
Dale of Norway Tiur Yarn, Black and Fuschia Colorways
Size 1, 2 and 4 needles

Arch Shaped stockings - Front

Seeing those pictures of the stockings, I feel quite proud of my work. But man oh man, were these ever a struggle. You may recall that I had a significant gauge discrepancy between the first and second socks. I knitted the entirety of the first sock on 4's while I did the leg of the second one on 2's and the foot on 1's! Even with blocking one is still a bit bigger and has slightly larger motifs than the other. Now I can see why Grumperina made fraternal stockings - she didn't have to worry about them exactly matching! The fit of my stocking also isn't wonderful and they tend to fall down, even though I put two rows of elastic into the top.

side and arch shaping 2

Ultimately, however, I have to say that I'm glad that I learned to do colorwork well with this project. The elements that made me fall in love with the project in the first place, particularly the arch-shaping, turned out very well. I also had to pay close attention to doing the shaping in accordance with the striping and I'm proud of how I figured out how to do it attractively.

Arch Shaped Stockings - Back

(The size difference isn't as bad as it looks in this picture; one had just fallen down a bit). While they're not perfect, these stockings are really some of the best knitting I've done thus far. I'm proud of the work and thought that went into and the fact that I finished them, even when it took me more than 4 months. I wore them out once and that was sufficiently fulfilling for me. Really, I'd like to find a way to hang them on the wall and show them like the works of art I truly think they are.

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