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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Jumping Into Project Spectrum 

I have so, so much to show and tell you, so I really need to do some blog catch-up. Of course, Project Spectrum has started in earnest and I'm really enjoying applying the color lens to my daily life. PS gives me a new way to look at my surroundings and try to find new and different details, which is good when you've lived in the same place for a while.

One of my goals for PS is to try to take more pictures (hopefully good ones) of the life around me. I took a few during last week's snow.

on the street PS2on the street PS

The Stupidest Monument in all DC

It wasn't until I started taking these and exploring the photo pool that I realized how appropriate this month's colors of blue, white and grey are so appropriate for this time of year. In the the deepest part of winter that we're experiencing now, we are surrounded with white snow, grey tree trunks and clear blue skies on brisk days. Using these colors in my crafting helps me see the beauty in this time of year, which I typically loathe.

white silky

I got this unlabeled 100% silk yarn at a stash swap last year. I had some plans for it, but it was really calling to me lately and telling me that it wanted to be shown off on its own. With its slight halo and luminescince, I couldn't resist. I started the Lace Rib Cowl from the Purl Bee and I'm about 2.5 inches into it. It took me a while to get used to the inelasticity of the yarn, which was hurting my hands, but I've got it pretty down pat now.

blue woolarina

blue lulu

These are some blue sock yarns I've had hanging out in the stash for a while: a gradiated blue from Woolarina and a mixture of white, navy, cobalt and purple from LuLu's yarns (one unfortunate thing that I've discovered this month is that my cameria isn't good at accurately capturing blue and turquoise, so the above colors are not totally accurate). I think the former would be great as some Pomatomus socks and the latter would be lovely as Cat Bordhi's Flow Motion socks from VK Fall 2006. Or perhaps it should be the other way around...I'll have to decide which of these yarns wants to be knit up first.

Of course, I can't forget to do a knitting mitzvah. I reclaimed some chunky yarn from a thrift store sweater last year that's a wool blend in shades of grey, brown and white. I think this would work wonderfully as a Tomten Jacket from Knitting Without Tears (here's an example) and could be sent to the Dulaan project or Afghans for Afghans. It will be a fun way to try out one of EZ's unique garment constructions.

I'm also feeling very compelled to do a garment for myself very soon, so we'll see where that falls within all this planning. Time to get knitting!

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