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Monday, February 05, 2007

Knitters Come Through 

Last Wednesday, I ended up having a pretty draining day. Cobra randomly showed up at my work late in the afternoon to tell me that he had been run off the road while on his motorcycle that morning (you may recall that we had an unfortunate motorcycle accident together a while back). I wasn't able to concentrate on my work particularly well after seeing him limping and with welts on his forehead from where his helmet hit. We spent most of the evening in the hospital emergency room and, thankfully, all was well. We arrived home late, tired, dazed. I looked in the mailbox and saw that I had an unexpected small package.

monkey buttons

The incredibly talented Laura has been making buttons with fabric and embroidery of late. She thought of me while making these pink monkey ones and sent me a surprise package with them inside. I don't know how she knew I would need something to cheer me up that day, but her timing was absolutely perfect. You can get some of your own beautiful handmade buttons by her in her etsy shop.

I was lucky enough to be able to thank her in person for her gift yesturday. Lolly and I made plans to meet up with her at the Super Bowl Sale at Springwater Fiber Arts. Apparantly, all the real action went down at 6:45 AM. We didn't get there until 9:30, when there was only about one bin of yarn left. The only thing I found was some buttons, which actually worked well considering my yarn buying embargo. Well, that is until I wandered over into the non-sale section and saw the new Trekking Pro Natura yarn. I made my purchasing exception with a skein in color 1605, so a charitable donation is imminent.

When we finished with our purchases, we headed out to grab some brunch and have a nice, long sit and stitch. Our time together was so fun, but made all the more poignant by Laura's upcoming relocation. Hopefully, we'll all be able to get together again sooner than later.

superbowl day

Earlier this week, I finished a great project. I'll give you the full low down soon, but until then here's a teaser.

sock teaser

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