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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Hey Guys! I'm Over Here! Oops, Gotta Run! 

Hey, how are ya? It's been a while since you heard from me, I know. I was hoping that my sock pattern would distract you from the fact that I didn't have a real post in a while, but then you guys got all nice and asked me how I'm doing and ruined all my evil plans :)

Well, on March 24th or so, Cobra and I drove our trusty truck, Mr. Satan, out of the streets of DC and onto the road heading west. We stopped in Chicago to stay with my aunt and have some family time for a few days before traversing the remainder of Interstate 90. Our trip was mostly uneventful, apart from encountering some snow in Wyoming and Montana. The trip was quiet, both in terms of external events and our mind frame. We spent many hours in our trusty stead, listening to music, looking out at the vastness of our country, seeing the individual character of the states and environments, and enjoying the simplicity of our togetherness, which we had missed for the previous month. I've actually had very little nostalgia for DC since moving, but frequently find myself thinking back on that driving and wishing we could have driven west for just a little longer. You can see my pictures from that trip here.

We arrived in Seattle, and at first I was REALLY freaked out. In the weeks and months (!) since, I've found myself relaxing and discovering the many treasures this city offers. I've taken a lot of walks and found that just by altering my route by a block or two, I often come upon wonderful discoveries, like shops, parks or public art. Of course, the natural beauty of this area is striking, and every day when I look out at the mountains or catch a glimpse of the water, I hope to myself that I never get used to these sights and can always let their beauty affect me. The city has incredible resources as well, particularly in the arts. There's just a lot of cool stuff, and it's all that I want from a city. The weather hasn't bothered me too much, either, but I haven't been through a winter yet.

Of course, the hard part is not having too many social contacts yet, but I'm working on that. Before I even came out, Melissa and I discovered that we were very close neighbors and decided to meet up. She's become a great friend who's very much on a similar wavelength to me, and has been great in helping me meet other crafters, too.

On a logistical level, I don't have a full time job yet and have been temping, which has actually been pretty fun. Actually, I specifically planned not to get a full-time job quite yet. It wouldn't have worked with my schedule for this summer, since I've scheduled a month long trip to Israel and Uganda. Oh yeah, and I'm leaving on Wednesday. Oh, and I finished a bunch of knitting projects!

Ms Marigold
Ms. Marigold

Wearing Calorimetry

River Rapids Socks
River Rapids Socks

Child's Sock in Miranda Pattern
Child's Sock in Miranda Pattern
Click Photos for more Info

Did you catch that distraction move there? Did it work?

Yes, I am actually going away for a month with my aunt. She made me an offer I couldn't resist to take this trip with her to visit my brother and sister-in-law in Israel, then go volunteer in rural Uganda in a community where she's been working for the last few years. So, now I'm trying to pack for that and choose some appropriate knitting projects. I've been so focused on acclimating to my new environment, I've hardly had the mental space to think about and plan for this trip. Now that more of it has fallen into place, I'm getting more excited. I know that when I come back, however, I'm going to desperately need some stability!

So, I will try to put up a post or two while I'm gone but I'm not making any promises. I hope you will stick around to see what I'm up to afterwards; I bet I could write a book on how not to keep a blog audience with all of my running around over the last few years. I very much look forward to reconnecting with all of the wonderful people I've gotten to know these past few years and I hope the feeling is mutual.

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