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Friday, August 17, 2007

Getting Back on the Horse - the Iron Horse, That Is. 

When I lived in DC, I often enjoyed hoping on my bike to explore the city or get where I needed to go. Since moving to Seattle, however, my bike has mostly sat neglected on our balcony. The terrain here is very hilly and our apartment happens to be perched right at the pinnacle of a somewhat steep grade.

Surprisingly, there are many committed cyclists in the city, including Cobra, who rides once or twice a week with a group of fixed gear devotees. Inspired by his many cycling adventures and my desire to enjoy and explore this beautiful place, I decided to go on a ride this past weekend. To keep myself from being too intimidated or discouraged, I decided to ride on the mostly flat Burke Gilman Trail.

My Steed

I'm so glad that I got over some of my fear of riding here and finally pushed myself to do it. It was a great way to enjoy the beautiful day and get my body moving. I rode for a while towards the northeast and when I got tired, I gave myself a break with a special reward.

Wild Blackberries

Blackberry bushes grow along both sides of the trail, so I decided to stop and partake of the delicious fruit. If it's wild, it should mean it's organic, right? I was a little worried about accidentally encountering bird poo or huge sacks of spider eggs, but the juicy flavor of the ripe fruit carried all those thoughts away.

Caught Purple-handed

Thankfully, there are no blackberry cops around because I would have been caught purple-handed.

I backtracked a bit then decided to take a detour. Melissa has been raving about Trophy Cupcakes in Wallingford since she's started working nearby, so I figured I'd give myself a much richer treat than the blackberry bushes could provide. This involved getting off the trail and riding on some hillier terrain. I had to take my time and stop a few times, but I'm proud to say that I made it.

Trophy Cupcake

My hard work before digging into my Red Velvet cupcake made it taste twice as good.

Otherwise, this week has been very tiring for me. I had two job interviews at the beginning of the week, which combined with a day of work at my temp job really exhausted me (I haven't heard back from either place yet, wish me luck!). Thankfully, I have some delicious comfort knitting waiting for me at home.

Sizzle Start

This is the start of the Sizzle tank top in Artfibers Galicia. My father went to San Francisco for business earlier this year, and I suggested that he stop into the store to see if there was anything I'd like while he was there. In a tremendous act of kindness, he bought me a large cone of this Galicia yarn and two colors of Satori! Needless to say, it was one of the better birthday presents I received this year.

Unequivocally, I can say that this is probably the best yarn that I've ever knit with. The silk creates a multi-shaded sheen while the wool and mohair make it so soft to the touch. The slight difference in the colors of each ply make for a beautifully multi-hued fabric. It drapes superblyand complements the simplicity of the pattern perfectly. If you have a generous father, see if he'll get you some of this yarn to play with, as it's absolutely divine. For that reason, I'm calling this top Delicious Sizzle.

The best kinds of Sizzle result in a delicious finished product, and I hope this holds true for this top.

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