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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Out the Door Again 

Just as I was writing about how wonderful it felt to come home, I was getting ready to head right out the door again! My parents decided to have a joint 60th birthday party while my brother and sister-in-law were in the country, so off to Pittsburgh I flew to join in the festivities. This was my first time visiting them and the East coast since coming to Seattle, so it was good to see how much time I could cram in and how my body handled a long weekend trip (not well).

My parent's party was very nice and allowed me to catch up with some of my former neighbors. The highlight was definitely the cupcakes my mom ordered; each cake had a rendition of either my mom's or my dad's face on it make from chocolate and candy. Despite their hilarity, the partraits were actually somewhat accurate. I didn't get a picture on my camera, but I will post one as soon as I get it.

The travel time gave me some good knitting opportunities.

Wooly Cherries

This is a My So-Called Scarf done is Manos Del Uruguay, Bramble colorway. I'm calling it the Wooly Cherries scarf. Lolly gifted me with this yarn for my birthday last year, so I figured it was time to move it out of the stash. The colorway is beautiful and, as I'm sure many other folks who have made this before have noted, the stitch is easy but keeps your interest. I started this scarf in Uganda when I was really feeling like I needed some simple, wooly comfort. I was feeling a little weary of the slow pace and overwhelming nature of the country by that point and just didn't have the patience to work on the other project I had going, which is complicated and on small needles (that I probably won't continue). This scarf really fit the bill for knitting comfort. I actually finished this on the plane home from Pittsburgh and will get a modeled shot soon.

On my last day in the 'Burgh, I was able to attend the Chihuly at Phipps: Gardens & Glass exhibit at Phipps Conservatory. I hadn't been to Phipps in many years, so I enjoyed seeing the remodeled areas of the building and the beautiful flora inside. Of course, seeing Chihuly's organic, alien-looking glass works was a tremendous treat.

Balls in Boat

Colorful Bowls

Fern and Butterfly

Pink Tower and Cathedral of Learning

The only drawback was that we visited an a nastily hot and humid day, which was only heightened by hanging out in a greenhouse for a few hours. If you want to go, wait until September!

Sadly, going out of town caused me to miss some major summertime events in Seattle. The first was Seafair, which apparently involves boats and getting buzzed by the Blue Angels. While I missed the main events, I was able to see the military ships circling the Seattle harbor on their way into town from the office in which I've been working.

Ship and Ferry

I also missed the Dead Baby Bicycle race (which I was sadder about than Seafair, honestly). Cobra missed the drunken dangerousness that apparently comprises the race, but he did make it to the after party. You can see some folks on tallbikes jousting, pedal-powered ferris wheels and other, blurrier mayhem in his photos.

Seriously, this time I'm really staying here for a while.

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