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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Project Spectrum Rocks My Kitchen 

Please allow me to indulge in a little food blogging. Some dishes take so much time and effort that I feel just as proud of them as I am of a well-fitting sweater!

Last week was Cobra's birthday. Since this wasn't a milestone birthday for him like last year was, he specifically requested a low-key celebration. One of the very few things he requested, along with a dinner at Cafe Flora, was a birthday pie.

I'm a pretty inexperienced baker. I was raised to be very conscious of the fat content in food, so we never made pastries requiring whole sticks of butter in my home growing up. All of my experiments in this realm have to be made with my own process of trial and error. Last year, I tried to make him a blueberry pie with a store-bought crust and a "quick" recipe. Not so good. This year, I decided to step it up a notch.

One of my coworkers has a plum tree and brought in a huge bag of the fruit to share with us. I looked online to see what kind of baked goods I could make with this fruit and came across this delicious-sounding recipe. Yes, this would be my inaugural all-from-scratch pie.

As I was putting the ingredients together, I realized that they perfectly fit with the current Project Spectrum triad.

plums and oranges

(I saw that I had some other color-appropriate foods around, too.

Quinoa and Rice )

I was most concerned about making the crust because I knew that it could make or break the whole endeavor, and also I don't have a food processor or rolling pin. I enlisted Cobra's help with this step, since he's more detail-oriented in cooking than I am. We soon learned that hands work very well as mixers and wine bottles are sufficient, if not great, rolling pins.

After a few hours, a tempting looking and smelling pie emerged from the oven.

Pie and its Eating

My first pie was a wonderful success! As you can see from the many expressions on Cobra's face, he also felt its deliciousness was worthy of his special day. I can also say that this recipe would be divine with peaches and transcendent with cherries.

Will there be more pie-baking in my future? Definitely! I'm going to whip out another one of these suckers for the Rivet Magazine Country Fair on Sunday (OK, except I'm not going to make the crust for this one myself - too much work). If you can, stop by and try a slice to see if my assessment is correct.