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Thursday, November 01, 2007

How Was Socktoberfest? 

Although it may not have been totally apparent here on the blog, I once again participated in Socktoberfest this year. I found that I've come to look forward to this yearly celebration of those warm, personalized foot coverings and their various forms.

While some people were very prolific in their sock knitting this month, I was less successful. I only completed one single sock, which I started on October 10th (at my first Seattle Knitter's Guild meeting, wee!).

First Tweed

This is my first Twisted Tweed sock and I love it! I'm certainly much happier with this combination of yarn and pattern than the first too-small incarnation. The simple slip-stitch pattern looks so beautiful with this Trekking yarn (color 76); indeed, it really looks woven. Unfortunately, the stitch pattern has a shorter row gauge than a usual stitch pattern, hence the longer than usual amount of time it took to knit it.

Side of Tweed

The pattern is very versatile, as it has directions for both a top-down and bottom-up sock. I went with my usual top down, but decided to follow the directions for the short row heel rather than change it to my usual heel flap and gusset. Socktoberfest is a time for experimentation, if nothing else!

Right Short Row

Left Short Row

I hadn't attempted a short row heel since about 2005, so I was concerned that it would end up looking shabby. I do have some small holes from not pulling the yarn tight enough, but overall I'm pretty happy with the result. While it's nice to have another to have another potential tool in the repertoire, I still like my reinforced heel and shaped gusset area.

I'm pretty far down the cuff on the second sock, but I've decided to change things up a bit. Instead of working it toe-up, as the pattern suggests, I decided to reverse the direction of the patterning so the socks will look symmetrical on my feet. I'm not one of these people who's obsessed with symmetry, but the amount of time I'm spending on these made a bit of a difference necessary to keep from getting bored.

I'm anxious to finish these soon, but NaKniSweMo and my Swirled Pentagons Pullover may distract me...

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