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Sunday, December 02, 2007

Not Gonna Happen 

Unfinished Sweater

This is me right around midnight on Friday with the completed sections of my sweater. Despite my concentrated efforts, I did not complete the Swirled Pentagons Pullover for NaKniSweMo.

As of right now, I have both sleeve caps and about 2.5 pentagons left to knit (progress was hindered by the ripping of one incorrectly-knit pentagon). In some ways, I'm actually relieved that I didn't make it. Because I'm making the sweater with a different gauge of yarn, I'm concerned that I'll have to change the proportions of the sleeve cap (I've had this problem before). To ensure a proper fit, it will be better if I block out the body, seam it up and then make my calculations. In this case, I'll be happier to have a nicely-fitting garment rather than a hastily done one. Despite not finishing, I'm proud of the amount and quality of knitting I did complete.

So, I will continue on and hopefully finish over the course of this Hanukkah week. Thankfully, I'll also give myself permission to work on some other projects, like my lingering Tweed Socks. I'm usually a pretty focused knitter, but that degree of project monogamy really got to me! Soon, my knitting imagination can run free once more.

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