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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Adventures in Baby Knitting 

No, I'm most certainly not having a baby. But it certainly seems like a plenty of other people are these days! I think that I'm entering a new stage in my life where I'm starting to have family members and friends who are starting to or are thinking about procreating. This has opened a new realm of quick, cute knitting for me, a realm where I can try out many patterns I've been anxious to knit for a long time.


Tomten Jacket from Elizabeth Zimmerman's Knitting without Tears
A Mix of Lion Brand Wool-Ease, Cascade 220 Superwash and Artyarns Supermerino.
Size 8 needle

This jacket is for my cousin David (first cousin once removed? Is that what you call the son of your first cousin?), who was born in January. I thoroughly enjoyed knitting this clever little jacket for him, as it was fun AND it allowed me to use up some long-lingering yarns in the stash. Unfortunately, I did have to buy some more of the Cascade 220 Superwash because the garter stitch does use up more yarn than you think, but it was worthwhile for the overall product.

The stripes in this didn't end up looking as organic as I'd like, but the blue trim helps pull the colors together and make it look a bit more whimsical. I was originally aiming for a newborn size, but my calculations were way off. According to Karma, this will actually be a 9-12 month-ish size. That's fine, since the kid, who lives in suburban DC, probably won't need to wear wool until October anyways.

This technically isn't finished as I still need to hammer in the snaps (have you ever taken a hammer to your knitting? It will be a first for me). I finally get to meet David next weekend and I'll be excited to present this to him in person.

I've also been inspired to knit for another baby who will be here soon. By the beginning of next week, I will be an aunt! This will be the first grandchild in both my and my sister-in-law's family, so there is a lot of excitement surrounding this birth. Our excitement has been tempered by the fact that the baby will be born halfway around the world in Israel. I, of course, feel the need to express my long distance love through handknits.


Angora Baby Booties from Last-Minute Knitted Gifts
GGH Soft Kid, Baby Blue Colorway
Size 6 Needles

Baby Bib

Baby Bib O'Love from Mason-Dixon Knitting
Wool in the Woods Duet, Playground colorway
size 6 needles

Burp Cloth in Shadow

Burp Cloth Lines

Baby Genius Burp Cloth from Mason-Dixon Knitting
Wool in the Woods Duet, Playground colorway
Size 6 needles

They didn't find out the sex, so I tried to stick to mostly gender-neutral colorways. Well, the booties are arguably not neutral, but they're just going to be on the feet, right? In any case, these projects were all very quick, fun stashbusters. I especially like working with the Wool in the Woods yarn and watching the colors emerge. Unfortunately, these company appears to have been acquired by Cherry Tree Hill. Who knew there were cute throat business mergers in the world of yarn?

I was so pleasantly surprised by all of the responses to my last post, and the fact that you're all still reading! The answers to why you write and read blogs were very varied and interesting. I have to say that I agree with you all - I read in order to be inspired and keep up with real and online friends. I write to focus my mind and keep track of the events in my life.

For me, though, it all comes down to creativity. The process of matching yarn to pattern, figuring out modifications and utilizing my projects is a rare area in my life where I can let my creativity guide me. I enjoy the process of thinking through how I want to present the information on my projects to keep it interesting and fun for you.

Here's what you've all been waiting for: the contest winner. I went to, which chose 7 as the winner. Congratulations to Liz K.! Liz is someone whose creativity I definitely admire; did you see all of the different projects she made with her stashed Manos? I am definitely going to make a laceweight sweater like hers someday, too.

Thanks to all for participating!